Life Unexpected: Expectedly awesome.

The CW has discovered what made its predecessor, The WB such a success. Telling smaller, wittier stories about the inconsequential moments in life. Life Unexpected does this, albeit, in a more 2010 and predictable manner thus far. The show is adorable. Lux, a 15 year old foster child, who’s obviously very talented at sarcasm and is adorable. reminiscent of early Rory Gilmore; Lux, is who’s about to turn sixteen is seeking out her parents to sign some forms so she can get emancipated. As always, her parents are shocked at [her existence]  first but fall in love with her, perhaps, quicker than than I did.

I’m interested to see where a series like this can go; with 90210 or Gossip Girl, its a tried and tested formula that you will get a look into these characters love-lives, their drama and the High School. But – Life Unexpected seems like it has about two or three more expository are needed episodes before the actual drama can begin. Ror- … Lux finds a new family to live with, and we, like Lux, have a vague grasp of what both her maternal ‘rents are like. All we need now is to see Lux get Juno-esque bullying and we’re good to go. We have a gawky, lovable protagonist who loves to spend time with her weird family. Her weird (extended) family should make for an interesting cast, even if they don’t have the chemistry the folks of Stars Hollow have.

Seriously, this show is not Gilmore Girls. I’m totally serious. Totally. Serious. Serious.